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"The" problem solver = Introducing FireFive®

FireFive®: 5 products in 1

FireFive® is an additive whose ability is to empower the extinguishing performance of water on class A, B (polar and non polar), D and F fires, with the lowest mixing ratio on the market. FireFive® is particularly effective on three dimensional fires, which affect vertical facilities, even in the most extreme atmospheric conditions.

Laboratory and field tests on live fire, carried out in cooperation with fire fighters and military bodies, have proven FireFive® efficiency which is certified by UL, according to Regulation NFPA 18 and RINA for on board applications.

In accordance with the European REACH Regulation for chemical agent classification, FireFive® is  eco-friendly, no toxic, non corrosive and biodegradable.

Easy to use, it can be employed with any equipment and device: extinguisher, fire vehicles, hydrants, monitors, branch pipes, cooling systems, sprinklers, medium and low pressure water mist technologies, deluge systems.

It can be used whether with mixers or as premixed solution, freshwater or sea water diluted.

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ITS ADVANTAGES – Why choose FireFive®

FireFive® is a cost saving fire fighting choice. With a very low percentage of additive, FireFive® is able to enhance about three fold the extinguishing power of water with immediate suppression of fire.

FireFive® minimizes operation costs thanks to:

  • Saving of water used to extinguish the fire
  • Less damaged caused by the fire and the agent
  • Lowest quantity of additive needed
  • Business down time reduction
  • Shortest time of fire brigades stay for the intervention
  • No expiry date of the product











The extinguishing power of FireFive® derives from the combination of two different fire technologies: the wetting action and the micelle encapsulator action.

Wetting agent

Thanks to its wetting agent technology, FireFive® is able to maximize the water power by lowering about three fold the water surface tension, penetrating the fire more deeply and quickly.

As a consequence of the reduction of the superficial tension, the single water drops get separate into more little droplets, loosing their spherical shape. Further more, FireFive® removes heat from the fire, drastically lowing the temperature in the application zone and the surrounding areas too, inhibiting re-ignition, backfires and radiation.

Micelle Encapsulator

The most astonishing FireFive® feature is the micelle encapsulation, the capability of isolate both liquid and gaseous hydrocarbon molecules.

The chemical structure of FireFive® is composed by amphipathic co-surfactant molecules characterized by a hydrophilic end (polar) and a hydrophobic end (non-polar). This characteristic enables the molecules to act independently of each other. When FireFive® molecules are in the water, they align themselves around a group of hydrocarbon molecules forming a water sphericalchemical cocoon” (the micelle), impeding the contact with the combustible and the consequent ignition. These micelles are negatively charged so they repel each other, dispersing the hydrocarbons throughout the water in concentrations too much low to support the combustion.

The micelle formation and maintenance causes the neutralization of flammable liquids and gases and also two other phenomena related to the combustion process: a rapid heat reduction and the interruption of the free radical chain reaction.

When mixed with FireFive®, water increases its capability to absorb energy, allowing a more rapid surfaces cooling down.

FireFive® inhibits the free radical chain reaction. These particles are uncharged molecular fragment with high energy which propagate the combustion process in fires of class A and B, colliding at high speed with the fuel. This phenomenon releases heat and more free radicals, causing a chain reaction which intensify the propagation of the fire and the formation of toxic smoke and soot.
By inhibiting the chain reaction, FireFive® encapsulates the toxic smokes.

Thanks to its viscosity characteristics, FireFive® can be used at very low temperatures (-28° C / -18°F, as listed by UL), also with normal fire fighting hardware equipment.


FireFive® is supplied in:

20/25 litres booster tank


200 litres stock


1000 litres booster tank


Where foam fails, FireFive® encapsulates, cools down and extinguishes fire.

The chemical reaction at the basis of the extinguishing action of FireFive® enables it to reach the best suppression performances, even higher than compared to the traditional foams. In fact, where foam has to form and maintain an insulating blanket on the combustible surface to be effective, FireFive® merely needs to contact the fuel and vapours to be able to isolate and neutralize them, suppressing the most dangerous fires in the shortest time. Further more, FireFive® removes the heat from the source of the fire and lowers the temperature under the combustion point, dramatically reducing flashover and re-ignition.

This difference is particular evident for three-dimensional fires on vertical surfaces. In such cases, foam is not able to suppress the fire because it needs to completely immerge the surface to be effective. On the contrary FireFive®, thanks to its double nature of wetting agent and micelle encapsulator, is able to penetrate effectively the most porous materials.

Unlike foams, FireFive® can be premixed with water optimizing spaces and costs of the system.
Moreover, you have the possibility to use it with long range nozzle as monitors or hydrants which enable water to reach long distances.

FireFive® can also be used in combination with the traditional film forming foams. We tested it in the laboratory and on the test field on real scale, proving that the simultaneously action of FireFive® and the film forming foams generates the most efficient suppression, eliminating the danger of re-ignition.

FIREFIVE® VS FOAM: FireFive® is the cost saving solution

The following diagram compares the costs of traditional foams and the multipurpose agent FireFive® for the same applications in a 20 years’ period of time.

By choosing FireFive® as fire solution, the amount of money saved is substantial.

The life cycle cost analysis of the products takes into account an industrial plant with costs recorded in a 20 years’ period of time and a 3% inflation rate on five-years.

The hypothesis considers 18000lts of Foam vs 12.000lt of FireFive®. The difference of the quantity is assessed in accordance with the mixing ratio certified by UL (2%). It also takes account of the product disposal’s costs: the Foam every 5 years and FireFive® at the end of 20 years.

Even though the initial cost is more onerous, due to the price of the product, considering the space of time of 2 decades, FireFive® allows a total cost saving of nearly 40% with respect to foam.

grafico Firefive VS Schiuma



  • Product unit cost 3,60 Euros per litre at fair value
  • Foam quantity (at 3%): 18.000 litres
  • Expiration of the product every 5 years
  • Disposal average cost: 1,57 Euros per litre every 5 years
  • 3% Inflation rate on five-years



  • Product Unit cost 18,50 Euros per litre
  • Quantity of the additive (at 2%): 12.000 litres
  • Expiration of the product every 20 years
  • Disposal average cost after 20 years: 1.64 Euros per litre