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Mobile fire extinguishing system for class A and B fires

Trolley Five100 is the ideal solution for immediate suppression of class A and B fires, characterized by the high risk of propagation. It is a mobile system composed by a manually activated tank containing water mixed with FireFive® and a nitrogen cylinder.

Fire hose is tailored made, available in different sizes.

Mobile fire extinguishing system for class D fires

This configuration of the Trolley Five100 system is specifically engineered and manufactured for the efficient suppression of class D fires which are usually very difficult to control. Trolley Five100 Plus uses as extinguishing agent an empowered mixing solution of water and FireFive®.

FireFive® empowers the suppression effect of water and enables its use on class D fires’ applications which is normally discouraged, in order to avoid possible reactions such as explosions in the case of metal fires.

Moreover, the immediate cooling effect of FireFive® inhibits the re-ignition of flames which is a crucial aspect for this class of fires.

FireFive® and AFFF foams for an extreme fire protection of hydrocarbons

The most effective strategy to fight hydrocarbon fires is to use the combined action of the wetting agent FireFive® and a AFFF film forming foam. Firstly, you discharge on the flames the FireFive® agent, benefiting from its maximum cooling effect. Once the fire is suppressed, you can apply the AFFF foam in order to avoid hydrocarbon spill over.

Trolley Five Double is a mobile equipment which allows to fight a fire using the combined action of FireFive® and AFFF foam, storing them into two separate tanks, guaranteeing the highest performance in the shortest time.


Water mist system for the protection of conveyor belt

CB Five 200 is our modular Low pressure Water mist system, engineered for the fire protection of conveyor belts.

The system is completely independent and can work also as a stand alone solution in case of fire protection of specific sections of conveyor belts in industrial plants, as in: mining and steel industry, storage areas, etc...

The system is 100% eco-friendly and RINA certified.


Firefive® and water premixed solution tank, Pressurized nytrogen cylinder, Electric/manual actuator , Special discharge self cleaning and anti choke nozzle


Minimum water consumption, Easy maintenance


Automatic Rim Seal Fire Protection System

Rim Seal F is a system specifically engineered for rim seal protection of floating tank roofs in industrial areas with a high fire risk.

The Rim Seal F fire extinguishing technology is fully automated. The extinguishing agent is contained in a 250-litre tank and consists of a mixture of water and FireFive®, which is kept under constant pressurisation thanks to the action of an integrated penumatic detection and extinguishing system.

In the event of fire, the detection tube breaks, causing a loss of pressure that acts on the actuator, which immediately releases the extinguishing agent. The elliptical discharge occurs by means of special nozzles positioned along the rim seal's protective ring. With nozzles positioned a maximum of 2.5 metres apart, the system can cover an area of 40 metres.

Rim Seal F can be combined with any commercially available detection system, 100% compatible with PLC sensors and monitored both on-site and remotely.


Water mist system for the protection of electric oil transformers

Power T Five is a Water mist system developed for the fire protection of electric oil transformers, widely used in industrial plants. In these applications the high fire risk is due to the presence of the oil contained into the transformers.

The traditional fire fighting uses to propose as fire solution the deluge system whose operation requires a big quantity of water reservoir. On the contrary, Power T Five is an innovative solution which adopts the Water mist technology, able to produce as extinguishing agent nebulized water mixed with FireFive®.

The nozzles used, specifically engineered for this application and located in order to cover completely the affected area, allow an immediate cool down of the surface and a rapid control of the flames. The heat sensitive cables placed on the transformer detect the fire assuring the system intervention in few seconds.

Furthermore, the system can be integrated with electrical control panels able to receive from the control room the alarm signal generated by the transformer Bucholz relay.


Minimum water consumption, Low environmental impact, High suppression performances, certified by UL, Stand alone solution, Easy maintenance